Reverse counting is a fine exercise


As a child I was advised by one of my teachers that counting reverse, i.e. 100,99,88, and so on, was a great exercise to improve your ability to concentrate and focus. There are extensions of that exercise, like skip counting i.e. 100, 98, 96, and so on. When it becomes more mathematically complex, it actually stretches your ability to focus and calculate as well. Try it out. That was during student days. Of late I know than that the overall effect of reverse counting has far reaching positive implications in latter part of life as well.

Forward counting is what we all do, all the time. Planning, estimating, predicting, figuring out our worth down the years, and being happy by living in the future under the pretext that all the forward counting  calculations are going to help.

Reverse counting can begin when you think forward counting might stop. Actually not. Really speaking reverse counting must start when forward counting slows down. Typically when you have counted till 50, you may actually start counting backwards from 70 or 75.  Example  45,46,47,48,49,50,51 etc. is followed by……70,69,68,67 and so on……I think most mature people should understand what I am saying…. Saying this with personal experiences, not necessarily with the Covid-19 situation in mind.

I have a friend whose mobile desktop  says L 10 to 15 . I kept wondering what that meant for many months. It also had something in smaller letters W 3 to 5 which I ignored or did not notice earlier..

When you reach your fifties, you think there is still too much of a time to achieve something even more. Of course. With solid experience and professional knowledge and contacts to back up, you could plan even for the next 3 decades. That’s very theoretical.  Reverse counting can begin there. Start with 75 and count back.

Possibly 66,65,64: have you met all your friends, as some may stop counting soon, whichever direction.

69,68,67: Did you share you knowledge and time with younger  generations? Have you mentored at least 20 people by that time? If you were a master of something, have your mentees achieved something solid by now and perhaps have started reverse counting themselves?

58,57,56: Did you enjoy the drinks you missed or food you liked always? Have you read the books and poems that you wanted to read, but did not have the time  while you counted forward?  Have you listened to the songs and seen the movies you missed. Are you done with more or less all your loans?

Oh, there are some many things you can and must do as a responsibility to society and your near and dear ones. But prior to that, before losing track of the numbers more serious reverse counting is as follows:

53,52,51: Do you have your nominations and life policies in place? Does your spouse know the numbers and where the original policies are?

56,55,54: Do you have a proper will in place / trust in place? Are your joint account logins and  passwords safely shared ?  Have you started ignoring things that you could not for years- at work or at home ? Its not giving up, its letting someone take charge, much younger. Its leadership.

Really speaking  reverse counting can extend your forward counting in a very special manner. Actually the friends desktop reminded him:  Look, just about 10 to 15 years of a proper life span is left and just a maximum of 3 to 5 years of work is possible. A most practical reminder.

If you are hurt by this reading, or don’t agree please excuse and go ahead counting forward. If you like it or agree, forward the message, don’t only count forward.

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