SALUTING A LEADER :Know what leadership is practically all about


-Know what leadership is practically all about:

-Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is a Leadership Institute all by himself.

Practically what is Leadership and what are the examples of Leadership and what are the obvious fall out’s of not having a Leader around?

Here are 25 most practical signs and tenets of leadership. Check how many people around you really have even half of them, though most of these seem so simple. Yet to have these qualities requires a very evolved mindset, training from childhood and tremendous courage.

1. Leadership is UnAcademic: One may be a great academic or a scholar and he could be still a great leader. However in most cases the Leader need not be a subject matter expert.

2.Leadership is Letting Go: A Leader let’s others lead. If he does not, he is only a politician. Politics is opposite of statesmanship.

3. Leader creates teams: Companies, families and business ventures succeed with Leaders running them and not necessarily technologists or subject matter experts. Leaders create teams to ensure success. Teams deliver with multiples abilities and individual skill sets. A Leader just in most cases, plays the role of a coordinator, but that could be a very important role.

4. Leader encourages transparency.

5. Leader gets the best possible people to work together.

6. Leader develops bonding between team members . Never does he play politics with his team or within organisations / families / association.

7. Leader says WE, not I.

8. Leader appreciates.

9. Leader motivates.

10. Leader looks at long term success and not immediate gains.

11. Actually a leader does not work 24 X 7, but gets the best people around him to work. If you see a company director or a top manager micro-managing, and not delegating, assume the company is not going to do well. A leader develops other people,not just himself. He is never worried about his position or comments on him as he is very confident about himself. A leader rarely schemes to trouble or destroy others.

12. Leadership and Power Centres are complete antithesis. Companies fail because they allow power centres to be created within.

13. Leaders are those who can handle better people than themselves. Leaders are those who can knit teams of experts and learners alike. Leaders ensure training and transfer of knowledge.

14. Leaders share information and resources so that everyone benefits.

15. Leaders create a strong next generation, a younger future management and gets experts involved to create a next generation.

16. A Leader does not hog the limelight.

17. A Leader, if a male, gives serious involvement and respect to females. Vice Versa is very natural. The initial one, not so.

18. A Leader should be capable of calling spade a spade and changing him, and if not possible, terminating/ eliminating /easing out nicely the wrong guy after giving adequate chance.

19. A Leader does not go after a title, but gets people together giving them due respect but not necessarily a title.

20. Anyone who has only monetary perspectives in mind never becomes a Leader.

21.It is to be realised that there are really very few leaders around. It’s amazing that many grown up and learned people do not have leadership skills. So be careful if dealing with them, hiring them, and letting them lead your ventures.

22.Joint families and relationships get destroyed because some one did not exhibit leadership abilities. Disputes crop up for lack of leadership around.

23.Popularity and smart Public Relations are widely mistaken as leadership abilities.

24.Delivery of complex tasks, overcoming big problems, handling a wide range of skilled professionals, ensuring over the years the growth of a struggling nation, a struggling organisation, a struggling person and fighting detractors sportingly is what leadership is all about. What contribution you could make to others is a measure of leadership.

25.Leadership is not sophistication, speaking good English in a western accent, or looking smart and stylish, holding academic qualifications from overrated Universities and elite academic institutions.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join hands to compliment our Honourable PM, Mr Narendra Modi for the wonderful leadership that he is providing our country in the most difficult circumstances.

Jai Hind / Jai India / Jai Bharatmata

Thanks and best regards

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